Übergang von der Pädriatrischen zur Erwachsenen-Nachsorge

Eine weitere Studie untersucht den Übergang von der pädiatrischen Nachsorge in die Erwachsenennachsorge nach Krebs im Kindesalter und wird finanziert von SKL („Effectiveness of transition to adult care after childhood cancer“). Die Erhebung erfolgte über Datenextraktionen aus Spitalunterlagen in den ehemals behandelnden Kliniken. Erste Resultate sind publiziert und weitere Publikationen sind in Arbeit.

Background: Transition from paediatric to adult care is a crucial step in many chronic diseases of childhood. Treatments in paediatric oncology have improved over the past decades; now about 80% of patients survive to adulthood. However, 60% suffer from adverse somatic or psychosocial late effects from the cancer and its treatments and necessitate long-term follow-up. Generally, follow-up is well organised during the first 5-10 years after diagnosis, and often occurs in the context of a clinical trial. However, transfer of patients to adult care often fails, and survivors may be lost to follow-up or continue to visit their paediatric institution despite their adult status and changing needs.

Objectives: The project aims to: 1) determine the frequency of follow-up in childhood cancer survivors when they are in paediatric care; 2) describe transfer modalities; 3) describe the health care providers involved in follow-up and transfer; 4) determine factors associated with successful transfer; and 5) describe the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of follow-up for survivors, families and health care providers from paediatric and adult wards.

Method: This study analyses information collected from medical records on follow-up care, transitional care and transfer to adult care. Additional information on current follow-up, socio-economic characteristics and late effects comes from two separate, on-going questionnaire studies (Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and Childhood Cancer Survivor Follow-up Study).

Rationale and Significance: The available information will be used to develop the first national guidelines for the transition of childhood cancer survivors. In addition, results will provide a basis for the improvement of transitional care for other chronic diseases.

Current status of project: All data have been collected and are now being analysed.

Study team: Michel G, Gianinazzi ME, Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy, University of Lucerne

Funding: Swiss Cancer League (Grant No KFS-02631-08-2010)

Contact: Gisela Michel (gisela.michel@unilu.ch)

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